kitchen drawing

- Design & development the new kitchen
- Drawing
- Equipment selection for the central production kitchen
- Analyse the cost prices

restaurant's consulting hurghada red sea

When a restaurant owner hires a restaurant consultant, it most often means that the business is not at its best. The consultant's first task is to find out what is wrong with the way the establishment operates.
However, he should not fail to identify and emphasize what is positive in the management of the restaurant.
The restaurant consultant is primarily interested in the culinary field. He analyzes the menu and menus, details the origin of the food as well as the methods applied in the kitchen, verifies compliance with hygiene standards.
He is also interested in the service aspect by observing the attention paid to customers, the quality of the reception and the delivery time of dishes after orders.
With all this information in hand, the restaurant consultant must be able to identify with precision what must be implemented in the organization of the establishment, taking into account the means available to the restaurant owner.
It issues a whole list of recommendations, and is generally required to carry out a new audit in the following months in order to check whether its instructions have been taken into account.


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