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I have always been passionate about the alchemy of ingredients and the creation of new dishes.
Through Chef at home, I make a dream come true. It was while growing up that I became aware of my gift for cooking and hospitality, and that I decided to share it with you and create: Chef at home. The Chef at home service allows you to organize a meal in the comfort of your own home, without any organizational constraints. It allows you to fully enjoy the company of your guests, whether the meal takes place with family, friends or in a business relationship. With Chef at home we take care of everything: buying the ingredients, preparing the meal in your kitchen, serving the plate and tidying up the kitchen before leaving. Receiving at home has never been so simple, pleasant and delicious. Everything you need.
The chef invites you to discover a world full of flavors, so that this tasting is a pure pleasure of sharing and conviviality. We distinguish ourselves from others, adapting to each need and personalizing any event. Browse our site to find out more. We host a wide variety of events. We prepare culinary delights for low-key gatherings, intimate private receptions, trendy brand launches and parties of all kinds. We create catering concepts that are built around your needs (and wants). Whether you are looking for a traditional sit-down menu, delicious canapés or elegant mini traveling meals.

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